Improving Your Bottom Line by Degrees

Put High Employee Turnover Behind You

With education, we can help your business attract and keep employees.

Your Challenge:

A front-line employee leaves and there’s a sudden sense of urgency to find a replacement. When employees come and go, are you struggling to hire someone new? Rather than spending the time and expense on a new hire, why not promote an existing, capable employee who already demonstrates initiative and fits your company culture?


Here’s How It Works:

  • In conjunction with select, regionally-accredited, non-profit education partners, College Gateway for America has developed an innovative, low-cost employee benefit and management training program designed to improve hiring efficiency, reduce employee turnover and lower recruiting and training costs.
  • Degree programs are offered online and delivered through a web-based Learning Management System.  Program costs are funded through Federal Pell/Grants (where applicable), institutional scholarships and a monthly per employee subsidy.

Why You Should Choose This Program:

Employers can tailor the coursework to focus on industry-related skills and to meet specific job training requirements.

Tuition costs can break into low monthly installments for an affordable yet highly impactful investment.

Debt-free college is a strong recruiting factor and an employee loyalty builder.

Easily track the ROI through retention improvements, reduction of hiring/training costs and improved employee performance.

This program can supplement an existing Tuition Reimbursement Program.

Implementation is TURN KEY with minimal-to-no time or effort required by your HR team.

Asynchronous online program delivery will not interfere with employee work schedules.

What People Are Saying About CGFA
The implementation and integration of the program in to our Corporate University was streamlined and flawless thanks to the expertise of the team of professionals that were assembled at no cost to our company.
Elizabeth Whalen - Learning & Development Manager
I'm excited that I'm able to go to College and start completing my dreams, I'm excited that I'm on the road to make them come true.
Ti’ara D. - Student
Some would think that once they got you into school, that the team would be done. Not College Gateway. They are great about checking in, offering any help I may need, and keeping me encouraged.
Sean M. - Student
The magic behind College Gateway for America for employers is a great partnership in the effort to provide real value add benefits that employees truly desire. The CGFA team has tremendous experience in education and a great service ethic making it easy to provide the benefit. They truly provide Win-Win for employer and employees who end up more capable and a bench for future roles.
Lynne Bartusek - CEO, Bartusek Advisory Services
previously CPO Cheddars Restaurants

Benefits for them. And for you.

What’s in it for you?

For potential students, earning a college degree can be a large and demanding commitment. While online options offer more flexibility and affordability, higher education can be a challenge due to the time and expense.

With College Gateway for America, that funding barrier is removed. We know that better trained, better educated employees are a valuable asset. That’s why this opportunity exists to make education available to eligible employees at no cost to them.

So, what’s the return on investment?

By providing these benefits to your employees, they stick around. In turn, employers save a significant amount of hiring and training cost, while your talented employees provide successful outcomes for your business.

Your Benefits:

› Attract and retain non-degreed talent
› ROI tracking and analysis through program reporting and calculations.
› Optimize training budgets by creating industry-specific courses
› Positive public perception

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