Say Hello to Long-Term Employee Retention

Employee Education for the Restaurant Industry

Due to long work hours in high-stress environments, many restaurant owners face the challenge of retaining employees. We understand the challenges of the restaurant industry, and we’re here to make life a little easier for you, and for your employees.

College Gateway for America is here to encourage, support, and guide your employees on the path to earning a degree while working.


For your restaurant, College Gateway for America will:

Attract and retain quality employees

Build a recruitment advantage and create a competitive talent pool

Reduce the cost of hiring, onboarding and training

Encourage long-term employment that can tie down employees for 2-3 years

For your restaurant employees, a post-secondary education through CGFA will:

› Enhance skills and knowledge for better performance
› Provide a pathway for career growth and advancement
› Earn a college degree, debt-free

What People Are Saying About CGFA
After getting my associate’s degree my plan is to move up in the company. I want to become a trainer to train and coach people to help them develop and become better. My plan is to put my degree to work within the company!
Alberta T. - TCC
What I find exciting and well worth the time and effort is what I learn in my classes, I can immediately apply in the workforce. The whole experience has helped me grow and develop both personally and professionally.
Katie B. - Student
Going back to school and achieving a degree has always been a goal of mine. The opportunity to get a degree was not available to me right out of high school, so when this program was offered, I jumped on it!
Caitlin R. - Student

These online classes are great for people that have full-time jobs and kids because they’re flexible. I just had a baby and my life is pretty hectic right now, so I have to work hard to find time to study and do homework. Sometimes it can be difficult to manage my time, but my professors are awesome, and they work with me to accommodate my schedule because they want me to succeed! I am still in the process of learning how to best manage my time, but I am beginning to get a better feel of what it looks like to be a mother, student, and employee. Overall, it has been a very good experience and I am happy that I am doing it.

Jessica R. - TCC

Beat the Statistics


Stats via TDn2K.

Many restaurant owners experience the challenge of high turnover and recruiting new employees to apply.

So, how do you retain employees and bring in more applicants? How do you achieve long-term employment with quality, educated employees?

Your Solution: College Gateway for America

Who We Work With

Who We Work With