Grow Your Business by
Growing Your Current Employees

Employee Education for the Hotel Industry

Providing career growth and advancement opportunities are some of the most effective qualities that attract and retain talent in the hotel industry. Furthermore, investing in employees will create more passionate and long-term workers, working toward the ultimate mission of the business. Here at CGFA, we understand the importance of growing your most valuable asset: your employees.

College Gateway for America is here to help you achieve your business goals by providing employees with a path to the future.


For your hotel, College Gateway for America will:

Attract and retain quality employees

Build a recruitment advantage and create a competitive talent pool

Reduce the cost of hiring, onboarding and training

Encourage long-term employment by providing employees a career path for internal advancement

Help invest in the future of your company

For your Hotel employees,
a post-secondary education through CGFA will:

› Enhance skills and knowledge for better performance
› Provide a pathway for career growth and advancement

› Increase job satisfaction
› Earn a college degree, debt-free

Hotel Industry Success in Numbers

Currently, the hotel & lodging industry provides over 8 million jobs in America, adding 72,000 jobs ahead of its prior year peak, making the industry a very attractive industry that not only offers advancement opportunities but also opens the doors to attract new talent.

But how exactly do hotels offer their employees these opportunities?


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