Win the War on Employee Turnover

Employee Education for the Banking Industry

The US banking industry has seen turnover steadily increase over the past decade. Many banking professionals often burn out quickly which has resulted in earlier than normal quit rates. As the Banking Industry continues to grow, its becoming more important for financial institutions to focus on the true cost and reason of their turnover and on employee growth opportunities, especially to those employees who are just beginning their banking career.

US Banking Turnover is currently at a 10-Year High. College Gateway for America can help win the war on employee turnover and help attract and retain top talent.


For your bank, College Gateway for America will:

Attract and retain quality employees

Build a recruitment advantage and create a competitive talent pool

Reduce the cost of hiring, onboarding and training

Encourage long-term employment by providing employees a career path for internal advancement

Help invest in the future of your company

For your Bank employees,
a post-secondary education through CGFA will:

› Enhance skills and knowledge for better performance
› Provide a pathway for career growth and advancement

› Increase job satisfaction
› Earn a college degree, debt-free

Beat the Statistics

With employee turnover increasing steadily over the last 10 years and with the banking industry expected future growth, the banking industry must revisit employee retention strategies such as pay structure and employee advancement opportunities to make themselves stand out against the competition.

So how do financial institutions like yours turn the dial down on employee turnover and attract top applicants?

*2013-2016 Crowe Horwath Financial Institutions Compensation and Benefits Survey


Your Solution: College Gateway for America