Top Reasons to Work in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is often disregarded as a career path and thought of as temporary or student work, but entry level employees need to be made aware that the industry has much more to offer as a career. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics in January of 2018 the accommodation and food service industry makes up 11.13% of all employment in the United States. Along with providing job security, the hospitality industry provides room for career growth, a fast-paced, exciting work environment, and the ability to work in a people centered business. Often times employees new to the hospitality industry are unaware of how and why to make a career in the industry. The following are a few reasons why you should encourage your employees to make a career out of their job.

Secure Industry

The hospitality industry is centered around our basic necessities: food, drink, travel, and rest. The industry has been thriving for centuries and the outlook is still promising; there are currently 13.88 million people employed in the accommodation and food services industry in the United States and that is projected to grow by nearly 1.7 million employees over the next ten years. There will always be jobs available in the hospitality industry and there will always be room for employees to grow in an industry that is constantly changing and growing, like this one.


Jobs in the hospitality industry are incredibly fast-paced and exciting. There is almost always something going on, someone to talk to, or something that needs done. While many other jobs can become repetitive and boring, jobs in the hospitality industry are different every day depending on the customers and situations. Work hours are generally flexible, and you get to meet all sorts of new people along the way.

People Centered Business

At times work does not seem like work. You are paid to be happy and personable, spend time with people who are out to have a good time, and build relationships with regulars. The hospitality industry is all about making people feel good and have a great time; this in return results in a positive and exciting work environment. Although it may not be easy to be personable at all times, it always feels good to make someone else’s day.

Room to Grow

The hospitality industry always has room for growth and career advancement. Between 80-90% of restaurant managers and owners say their first job in the industry was an entry-level position. Entry-level employees are given the opportunity to prove themselves very early in their career, which can lead to early horizontal and vertical mobility within the company. You do not just seek to employ people, you seek to maintain and develop your employees. A job in hospitality provides employees with opportunity to develop skills that are important in any business: leadership, initiative, money management, interpersonal skills, patience, and many more.

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Total employment in the United States Jan 2018: 154,430
Total employment in the accommodation and food industry Jan 2018: 13,879
Percentage of total: 11.13%