Restaurant Managers: Top 5 Reasons Why Your Employees Quit

The restaurant industry has historically seen a very high turnover rate, exceeding over 70% for the the second consecutive year in 2017. To be able to turn the dial down, restaurateurs must learn the true reasons behind why their employees leave their jobs and find productive ways to improve employee engagement while increasing productivity.

Reason #1: Internal Conflict

There are many causes for conflict in the workplace. Whether disagreements pop up between co-workers or there is an issue with management, keeping a positive attitude will help maintain a welcoming environment for both your staff and customers. Rewarding team behavior will motivate your staff to work together while keeping them busy and focused. Cross-training employees can also create more empathy and respect between co-workers.

Reason #2: High Stress Environment

Long work hours, last minute schedule changes, and the industry’s fast-paced environment can quickly deplete any restaurant employee. The key to having a more harmonious work atmosphere is to provide consistency where possible. By offering clear and defined expectations, a dependable and trustworthy relationship can be established and employees are much more motivated to work harder.

Reason #3: Feel Under-Appreciated

According to a recent study by Gallup, 51% of the US workforce states they are not engaged at their current place of employment. With these statistics, it’s no wonder that employee happiness has a direct effect on a company’s bottom line. By encouraging your staff’s involvement in important business decisions or offering them areas of professional development, employees are more likely to stay engaged and feel appreciated.

Reason #4: Repetitive Work

More often times, repetitive work leads to boredom, and boredom can quickly lead to turnover. Your best employees who are smart and educated may find themselves stuck in a position that is just not challenging enough. Giving these employees new or different responsibilities will create more excitement and greatly improve job satisfaction. Cross-training, professional development, and offering a path for advancement will also help retain your best employees.

Reason #5: No Growth Opportunities

Individual growth opportunities in the restaurant industry often happen when employees jump ship. According to the National Restaurant Association, “more than any other industry in the economy, the existence of multiple restaurants in nearly every community gives employees additional opportunities for upward mobility.” The Solution? Providing a clear pathway for career growth and advancement allows your employees to learn new skills and perform better. Employees with this advantage will also continue to grow in confidence for future leadership positions.

Along with the above tips to improve employee satisfaction, College Gateway for America works with restaurants to greatly improve hiring efficiency and reduce employee turnover by allowing your employees to earn a degree while working. We are here to encourage and guide your employees to obtain the skills needed to better perform their job and provide them with more long-term growth opportunities. Contact us for more information about this program.