How to Help Your Employees Stay Sane and Enjoy Fast-Paced Work

As a manager you know better than anyone that work in the hospitality industry is fast-paced and demanding on employees. The difficulty that many managers face is how to help your employees succeed at their jobs and enjoy the fast-paced environment at the same time. Since many managers are not on the floor serving customers as often as other employees, it is easy to forget how taxing the demands can be. Here we discuss a few simple reminders and tools you can give to your employees to help them enjoy the fast-paced environment of their job a little bit more.

Work Hard, Rest Hard

Hard work is a key element to success for employees in any industry, but hard work in the hospitality industry can be more physically and mentally demanding than many other jobs. Remind your employees to take advantage of their breaks and any time off work, so they can rest and become rejuvenated. It is important that they take care of themselves, so they are able to take care of their customers to the best of their ability. We know you want your employees to work hard, but also remember to remind them to rest hard as well.


Communication at every level makes work more manageable. Teaching employees about the importance of communication can make a dramatic impact on their sanity on the job. This industry places a lot of trust and responsibility upon each of their employees, expecting them to problem-solve and resolve issues as they arise. As a result, employees will try and take all of their work upon themselves, falling into the trap that they need to do it all on their own. Maintaining sanity while working in the hospitality industry requires communication between coworkers. Remind your employees that asking for help is not a sign of weakness or inability, instead it shows that they want their team to achieve success. Good communication insures that the customers are being cared for and that employees are maintaining their own sanity while on the clock.

Build relationships

One requirement as an employee in the hospitality industry is that you are constantly interacting with people. Encouraging your employees to socialize on the job may seem counterproductive, but it can really increase morale among coworkers and lead to better communication between employees. If your employees build professional friendships with their coworkers they will not only enjoy going to work more, it will also lead to better communication and efficiency on the job.

Another way you should encourage your employees to socialize on the job is with customers. In the hospitality industry customer service is key. Your employees are bound to have customers that become regulars wherever they work and going out of their way to build relationships with them will increase enjoyment for not only for the customers, but also for the employees. It is incredibly rewarding to be able to call someone by name and ask them about their life, because you have spent the time to get to know them.


The importance of teamwork is not limited to the sports world. Teamwork in the workplace, especially in the hospitality industry, is vital to both the success of the business and the satisfaction of the employees. In addition to communicating and building relationships with coworkers, teamwork in the work place makes the work day run more smoothly. Each employee has their own personal skills and may be better suited for some jobs over others. Know the strengths of your employees and use that knowledge as you put together your weekly schedules. A job is much more enjoyable when everyone is doing a task they are good at. Pay attention to the strengths of your employees and acknowledge their success. Encouragement will build the comradery of the team and can make someone else’s day that much more gratifying.

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