The Answer is Education through College
Gateway For America

What we do:

Using EDUCATION as the foundation, College Gateway for America (CGFA) works to create meaningful connections between students, colleges and businesses to improve the outcome for each. We understand the challenges of an adult learner, the need for growth and continued innovative learning, and the necessity to continually upskill a workforce.

  • We partner with pioneering colleges and universities to provide opportunities for adult learners to build a future that offers career growth in an environment that balances work and family life.
  • We help colleges build programs that leverage the world of technology.
  • We offer businesses the opportunity to increase the skill level of their workforce with programs that keep employees motivated and satisfied.

Behind CGFA is a team with years of experience in the education industry and in corporate settings. From marketing to operations, IT to Human Resources and curriculum to analytics, CGFA is structured to provide continuous service and support to help identify opportunities to meet your needs.

Employee Benefit Programs:

Help Your Employees Succeed

  • Improve Employee Retention
  • Provide a Recruiting Advantage 
  • Create a Competitive Talent Pool
  • Add Value & Increase Productivity

"The implementation and integration of the program in to our Corporate University was streamlined and flawless thanks to the expertise of the team of professionals that were assembled at no cost to our company. "

Elizabeth Whalen - Learning & Development Manager

Accelerated Technology Learning:

Career Evolution at a Fast Pace

  • Upskill With 100% Online Certificate Programs
  • Accelerated Tech Programs Designed to Meet Industry Job Demands
  • Gain Necessary Skills to Move Up the Career Ladder
  • Cybersecurity

"According to the 2017 Global Information Security Workforce Study (GISWS), the workforce gap among cybersecurity professionals is expected to reach 1.8 million by 2022."

Adult Learning Programs:

Take the Next Step in Your Career

  • Develop New Knowledge & Skills
  • No Student Loans or Book Costs
  • Low to No Monthly Payments

"I strongly recommend both College Gateway for America and Nyack College to anyone that is reading this. If you're ready, willing, and understand the commitment it will take, they will get you where you want to go. "

Ti’ara D. - Student